I host my bigger projects over at GitHub.
Some minor projects can be found on my GitLab.

Here are some of my main projects.

KIG Network

A Minecraft minigame network with games from the now defunct HiveMC Java network.

Website: https://playkig.com
Github: ProjectKig
Twitter: @KigNetwork
YouTube: @kignetwork
Discord: https://go.playkig.com/discord

The 5zig Mod (5zig Reborn)

All-in-one modification for Minecraft 1.8.9-1.15.2

Website: https://5zigreborn.eu
Github: 5zig-reborn
Twitter: @The5zigMod
Patreon: 5zig
Discord: https://l.5zigreborn.eu/discord

Xenoblade datamining and research tools

Rust tools for reading and manipulating files from Xenoblade games

BDAT editor: bdat-rs
Mod Ardain (XC2 mod collection): Mod-Ardain
XC3 sound file loader: xc3-sound-replace
XC3 difficulty editor: xc3-difficulty-unlocker