Lately I've been researching the Xenoblade Switch games for hidden mechanics and mod opportunities.
I've released various libraries and tools to aid in researching Xenoblade games, for example:


  • Recordkeeper, a save editor for Xenoblade 3 and Future Redeemed.
  • bdat-rs, a library and executable to read and edit BDAT files for all Xenoblade games.
    • Source/Download: GitHub
    • License: MIT or Apache-2.0 (library), GPL-3.0 (executable)
  • xeno-lvb, scripts to read gimmick-related files for Xenoblade 2 and 3.

Mods and modding tools

  • Xenoblade 3 file loader, to allow loading external files.
    • Source/Download: GitHub
    • License: GPL-3.0
  • Xenoblade 3 difficulty editor, to access the Very Hard difficulty and custom settings.
    • Source/Download: GitHub
    • License: GPL-3.0
  • ImGui backend for Xenoblade games, based on CraftyBoss's NVN backend.
    • Source: GitHub
    • License: GPL-2.0

I occasionally publish my findings here on my blog, you can find the most recent articles below.